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Reboot and Rise  


Enjoy this week whis us

What to expect?

Image by Hudson Hintze

The program

Reboot and Rise is a week about finding hope and resilience in the midst of the climate crisis. Facing the reality of this crisis makes us feel worried, anxious or even desperate. It is a normal human reaction when you care about this world, when you care about life. This week we will relax and reboot ourselves, and we want to rise up with new hope and resilience.

In this week you will find your own way to deal with your feelings of climate anxiety and to become empowered and active in your own way without burning out.   

This program is made for you if you suffer from climate fear and climate anxiety, you are interested in topics of inner work, you want to become more sustainable, you like some fun outdoor activities in a nice group.  

The program is a mix of: accepting  your climate anxiety, dealing with feelings of helplessness and powerlessness, understanding things that block you, finding your own vision that motivates you and discovering the power of community. It will also be a week of relaxation, wonder, finding peace, creativity and connection. Together we want to create a safe space were everybody feels welcomed and free to speaks about emotions. That is the basis for becoming a group. (racism, sexism and any other form of discrimination are not welcome)  You will learn what blocking people to become active, we gone work with coaching tools, and different techniques of mindfulness. We also talk about Self Care in activism.   During the project we want to enjoy the nature together. You can looking forward to an week with nice activites as, campfire, hiking, wildpicking. Next to this active activities we are offering calming activities as meditations, wildbading

Image by Tegan Mierle

practical information

  • Price: 150,00 € (for students/ people with low income) 225,00 € (normal price) 

  • date: 12.08.-16.08.2024 

  • Open for everyone around the world, using English language 

  • Age: For everyone from 20-37 years old 


The accomodation

Gîte d'Etape is a simple location in the woods of Luxemburg. It is located next to Abby Saint-Maurice in Clervaux. The perfect place to slow down, to come in contact with yourself and the nature. 

 You can choose to share a simple room (with at most two other people),or bring your own tent. Pillows are available, but take your own bed sheets / sleeping back. 
We will cook together healthy vegetarian and vegan food.  

At nights we can sit together at the campfire. 

 Public transport: Gîte d'Etape is close to train station 'Clervaux Luxemburg'. From there we can pick you up, and on departure bring you back. 



Gîte d'Etape 

Abbaye Saint-Maurice 

9713 Clervaux, Luxemburg 


Our Team

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Contact Us

If you have any questions don´ t hesitate to contact us.

Yoga in der Natur

m.a.graafland@ (Maaike: Dutch/English) (Carmen: German/English)

+31 1615477628 (Pieter: Dutch/English)

+49 17643240789 (Carmen: German/English)

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